The Four Essentials to NHS

October 25, 2011
By Nancy_Minyanou SILVER, Wappingers Falls, New York
Nancy_Minyanou SILVER, Wappingers Falls, New York
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High school is a challenging time for students. Throughout my academic career, I have found that facing these challenges are a test of a student's scholarship and that persevering is beneficial in the long run. I have been on the high honor roll since entering high school and since then have taken seven honors classes and am taking an additional two this year along with AP English and AP US History. I find that taking classes of this caliber prepare me for the mental and academic stress of college.

My character is one of my strongest attributes. I have respect for all people regardless of their background and I am willing to help anyone that needs it. Even in the midst of arguments, I always speak to others with respect and personal attacks do not belong in debate. I do believe that courtesy is a social necessity and that it is an important thing to practice as a show of maturity and character. High school provides many opportunities for falling to peer pressure and compromising one's character, but I see this not as a chance to fail, but an opportunity to show my character and the affect it can have on others.

With school and my work with UN ambassadors and as a graphic designer, I have not had many chances for serving the community directly. I look for that to change this year as I will have my driver's license and more freedom in my schedule. I am planning a fund raising event with Masque and Mime, this being my second year with the club. I also plan to become a volunteer at a local animal shelter this year. Transportation has been my biggest hindrance for participating in community service but I will work on changing that this year.

During freshman year, I ran a website promoting and providing information on environmental awareness and actions to preserve the environment. Leadership consists of the quality to be able to pursue passions to the fullest as well as being able to take charge when needed. This year of Masque and Mime, I remain in the lighting crew for my second year, and with that I have also been given more responsibility. I have been given a position as a role model for the freshman, teaching them the necessary skills for participation in the crew as well as organizing the emails and keeping contacts updated.

Scholarship, character, service, and leadership are all qualities I do my best to incorporate into my daily life and activities. For these reasons, I feel that I would be an additive value to the National Honor Society and would be able to represent it well in all four of those aspects. Membership would mean that I have done well so far and can pursue forward knowing I am part of something larger than myself.

The author's comments:
This was my essay to NHS as part of my submission.

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