Making a Pokemon happy is just like making a person happy

October 21, 2011
By LucarioZoroark1994 BRONZE, Bronx, New York
LucarioZoroark1994 BRONZE, Bronx, New York
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How it works for pokemon = How it works for people

When 1st caught it has 0 base happiness = When you first meet the person they are neutral towards you

Caught with a friend ball or luxury ball increases base happiness = When first meeting a person, if you are friendly to them, they will like you more

Walking with the pokemon increases base happiness = Spending time with a person will more often than not get them to like you more

Giving the pokemon a massage increases happiness = If the person mentions that a part of their body is in pain, offer to massage it for them, it also gives you a good excuse to touch the person...gigidy ;)

Giving the pokemon those expensive vitamins will increase their happiness = getting the person nice things will get them to like you more, although you shouldnt over do it

Leveling Up the pokemon will increase the happiness = Treating the person bettter than you treat most others will get them to like you more

Feeding the pokemon EV berries will increase the happiness =Offering to buy someone (good) food or sharing your food with them is a good way to get someone to like you, just make sure you dont starve yourself!

If a pokemon faints the happiness decreses = if you allow bad things to happen to a person or dont try and help a person when they need it they will like you less

Feeding the pokemon energypowder, healpowder, energyroot, or revival herb will decrease the pokemon's happiness = giving the person something they dont like purposefully will cause them to like you less

Trading the pokemon will reset the base happiness to 0 = introducing the person to someone new will cause them to be neutral towards that new person

This works if your trying to make your significant other happy, trying to get yourself a girlfriend or boyfriend, or if your just trying to make new friends. And to think, people have the nerve of saying videogames dont help with life skills.


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