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October 20, 2011
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Television and the radio in today’s world glorify music icons and make them more appealing. But why do we idolize them so much? Is it just because of their musical ability or is it a multitude of things that makes us look at the lives of musicians and envy the things they have? Three major music icons that are very well recognized for their sex appeal, having a very classic and catchy song, and really being able to connect and care for their fans. These things are very well portrayed by Ke$ha, Journey, and Lady GaGa. These things are what make these music icons so appealing to the general public.
In today’s modern world there is something that helps certain musical icons become very famous and that thing is sex appeal. I know most parents don’t want to hear this but sex sells and boy does it sell a lot. Sex appeal is most commonly associated with women. They show this off by the type of clothes they wear and the types of songs they sing. That is a huge reason why Ke$ha is so famous today. Wearing her usual tight or revealing clothes and singing sexual songs has made her the want for men and the envy for girls. This works very well for some female artists like Ke$ha but there are two problems when it comes to trying to sell via sex appeal. The first thing is that you either have sex appeal or you don’t. The more unattractive female singers (or ones that don’t want to degrade themselves) usually try to go with a different approach other than sex appeal. The second problem is having too much sex appeal. This is a problem for numerous reasons. One is that with too much sex appeal parents won’t even want to expose their children to the artist. Another reason is that, to put it bluntly, the artist could easily be viewed as a whore showing off way more than is necessary. But, fortunately for Ke$ha and all of her adoring fans she has just the perfect amount of sex appeal which is why she’s such a popular artist and loved by people today.

“Don’t Stop Believin’” Don’t lie, you just sang some of the rest of the lyrics to yourself after reading this line didn’t you? It’s okay. Most anyone and everyone has heard this song at some point in their lifetime, and if you haven’t you are a very poor deprived person who did not have an appropriate childhood. And if you don’t like this song you either have no soul or are un-American. This song is such a classic that even young kids know every single lyric. This song is also played at fitting times like after the loss of a big game or something along the lines of that. In this way the song is used so often that it has almost become like a cliché (But not a bad type of cliché, more like a welcoming traditional type one). This song has been redone by the popular television show Glee and by a very talented artist named Sam Tsui, to say only a few people. This song has become extremely motivating to all who listen to it. That is why Journey, the singers of the classic song “Don’t Stop Believin’” are so popular even in this day and age.

The last but most certainly not least I raise my paws up and show my love for the one and only Momma Monster. For those of you who don’t know who Momma Monster is, her stage name is Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga is a very special role model to me personally, and I’m not alone. Lady Gaga is one of the most popular pop stars of this generation. She has become so popular because of the things she does for her fans that make us feel so special. One amazing thing that she does for us is spend so much money on her music videos. While some artists make cheap music videos where they just stand still as they sing out in public, Lady Gaga goes all out with her music videos. She does this for our entertainment only. Could she make a boring music video and save a lot of money like other artists do? Yes, but she does it to make us happy by adding unique effects and amazing scenes. Another thing that Lady Gaga does is that she tells us that we’re unique and special in our own ways. Not many people realize it, but that’s the reason why she wears those wacky outfits of hers. By wearing those outfits she’s showing us that it’s okay to be yourself and that you should never be ashamed of who you are. The last example on how Lady GaGa connects so well with her fans is one that happened very recently. A little while ago a young gay teenager committed suicide because of the bullying he was facing at school each and every day. That day, before he killed himself, he tweeted to her saying goodbye and thanking her for all of the things she had done for him. After seeing this tweet and hearing about the boy’s death on television Lady GaGa took action. First, she dedicated some of her concerts to him, but don’t think she stopped there. She went to a meeting with president Obama so that they could come up with an anti bullying law that would help punish anyone to the point where they bullied someone into suicide. She did this all because she couldn’t stand seeing this happen to anymore of her little monsters. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a celebrity who cares more about their fans than Lady GaGa cares about hers. So, if you think that Lady GaGa is just some weird woman who dresses like a freak remember that there a lot of people who care greatly for her and they feel good knowing that she feels the same way for them. That is why so many people find Lady GaGa so appealing.

Those are the reasons why we find some of these musical icons so appealing. Whether it is for their sex appeal, their classic and catchy songs, or their ability to connect to their fans makes these people special. That is how Ke$ha, Journey, and Lady Gaga demonstrate these traits and why they are so popular in the world today.

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