what its like to be a teenage girl

October 18, 2011
By rawrcheylo94 BRONZE, Moscow, Iowa
rawrcheylo94 BRONZE, Moscow, Iowa
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Do you know what its like to be, or how it feels to be a teenage girl in high school? I sure do. You may think its not that difficult, but you have no idea.

Most of us girls always worry about our looks. Even the girls who seem okay with themselves. We worry about our make-up, our hair, our weight, and what we wear. We also worry about what other think about our looks.

We think we always have to wear make-up. We feel as though it will make us prettier, but we don’t always feel that way when we do wear it. If us girls wear to much make-up it makes us seem promiscuous, but if we don’t wear any make-up at all, people assume we don’t care about our looks or they call us ugly. I personally think we shouldn’t have to wear make-up to make us look pretty or beautiful or even to fit in. we should live in a place where wearing no make-up means we have natural beauty.

We think that our hair needs to be perfect, but why should we worry about our hair? We shouldn’t get it cut or colored to fit in, if you want to do that, do it for ourselves. Sometimes people think if we wear our hair up, that we are lazy. Honestly we have days where we just want to feel comfortable and not have to worry about our looks. Some girls take things to far when they judge someone by their hair. Really? Its just hair!

We buy name brand clothes to fit in or try to fit in. we don’t need to buy those clothes because the cool people have them. Dress how YOU would dress. Stand out, be yourself. Also just because we are girls doesn’t mean we should get all dressed up. I love wearing sweats and pajama pants all the time. Its comfortable; but that’s just me, the way I am.

We constantly worry about our weight. We are expected to live up to the ideal image of what a girl should look like; a flat stomach, long legs, you know all that junk. Why cant our society teach us to love our bodies the way they are? I think its pretty messed up how we constantly compare ourselves to other girls or how girls develop eating disorders over all this.

Its hard to be a teenage girl, trying to live up to the ideal image. We always worry about our looks. Like I said you really have no idea what its like unless you are a teenage girl in this society.

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