How iPhone 4S is Completely Different from iPhone 4

October 18, 2011
By Charle5 GOLD, West Windsor, New Jersey
Charle5 GOLD, West Windsor, New Jersey
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To the Uneducated Public:

iPhone 4S is not iPhone 4 with a “S” sticker. iPhone 4S is a completely different product. The 4S and 4 may look the same from the outside, but you have no idea what is going on inside. In this short yet informative letter, I will showcase the main features that iPhone 4S has and iPhone 4 does not.

What is a smartphone without a (video) camera? iPhone 4S is special in that it films in full 1080p HD with optional video stabilization. This is a higher definition than most commercially available video cameras. And when you are finished filming your friend doing a skateboard stunt, you can post it to YouTube in a flash. The still camera has been upgraded, too; from five megapixels to eight megapixels, which is a sixty percent increase in pixels. The larger aperture allows for better light flow, which dramatically increases the beauty of your photos. Face detection and on-the-go photo editing completes the experience. Clearly, the iPhone 4S “you-can’t-believe-it’s-on-a-phone” camera is completely different from the iPhone 4 “you-can-clearly-tell-it’s-on-a-phone” camera.

“Who cares about the 1080p video and an eight megapixel camera,” my PC friend says,”I just play games on my phone.” Well, iPhone 4S has an improvement for unintelligent gamers, too. The new dual-core A5 processor chip delivers up to two times more power and up to seven times faster graphics. And for those who didn’t do their reading last night, that is the same chip as iPad 2. Internet pages load quicker, gameplay is better. “And everything just feels faster.” I hope that this raised a reason for iGamers to consider iPhone 4S.

Last but certainly not least is Siri. Contrary to popular belief, Siri is not available on iPhone 4, due to the lack of an A5 chip. Siri is simply outstanding. Siri is a speech-recognition “personal assistant.” You ask a question, Siri gives you an answer. You can ask Siri to set a reminder, send a text, check the weather, find information, schedule meetings, send an email, set an alarm, get directions, set a timer, solve a math problem, answer a philosophical question, and more. Siri even has a sense of humor. In my eyes, Siri is the highlight of iPhone 4S. And even though Siri is still in beta, it is already life-changing.

If you were a part of the uneducated public before reading this letter, I hope that you are a part of the educated public now. iPhone 4S is completely different from iPhone 4. iPhone 4S films in 1080p HD and has an eight megapixel camera, which are both enormous advances in smartphone technology. iPhone 4S also has the new A5 processor chip, allowing for faster everything. Lastly, iPhone 4S has Siri; a beautiful speech-recognition “personal assistant.” Keep in mind that I have only named four new features of iPhone 4S; iPhone 4S has over 250 new features. Of course, people will still wait for the next iPhone to come out. But if they keep that attitude up, they will never have a phone. They will just keep waiting and waiting for the next smartphone to hit the market. The iPhone 4S is a perfect smartphone for anyone, anything, anywhere. No strings attached.
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The author's comments:
This is a short letter to people who ignorantly think that iPhone 4S is the same as iPhone 4. You are wrong :)

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