The War That Was "Not" Against Us

October 14, 2011
By Nipples7576 BRONZE, Cherry Creek, New York
Nipples7576 BRONZE, Cherry Creek, New York
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Some say that the Iraq War broke our countries economy; they said that we were spending too much money then we were bringing into our country. These people fight and fight to say the government is wrong and that our troops should be brought home. The others say that if we did not fight the war we would be under another type of government and our country would be forever changed from what it is now.
One of these stories is right and one is wrong; one of these groups is not looking at the whole picture beneath the war, beneath the bloodshed, beneath loss of men and women, and beneath the families that want their loved ones back that went on over there to defend our country. Look at what would happen if we never went there, if we never stood up to Saddam Hussein.
Our nation and the world could be a completely different place than what it is today. Most people think that we lost millions of dollars in this war, which in reality, we only spent about 3 million over what we would have spent without being in the war.
So we need to consider that we helped a country become more stable and more lives have been saved then if it had been left alone and not dealt with. This show that we went into the war with good morals and we helped many people over there; so we should all support our country in its decisions, because it might turn out better in the end for everyone.

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