Passion is Fire, Fire is Fuel

October 9, 2011
By Severance BRONZE, Manor, Texas
Severance BRONZE, Manor, Texas
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If you want what you can't have, then wait for it to be up for grabs. If your desires won't let your passion for that thing die, then push on through the tides that hold you back. One day, some day, you'll find yourself in a clearing. That's the final stretch. That's when you can sprint to your goal unhindered. That's when you can claim your trophy after every strife. Through the tears we shed of frustration, and the pain we feel from desperation, we can make it. Never let your grip grow slack, 'cause when you do, doubt is born. The same doubt that has always impeded your forward march. And yet, it's never over until you let go. So as cliched as it sounds, never let go of your desire. Find strength in the little victories, in the sacrifices that you make. I do it for love. I do it for her. I do it for me. I press on. Never stopping, but occasionally slowing. And I do it at because in the end, I might not be lonely anymore. And I do it knowing that in the end, we all walk through that shining doorway, whether it's lit by flames or purity, alone. No one guides us, but I know that it's the path that we take to get there that matters. And I want her to walk that path with me. So, I fight for our chance in hopes that you'll take it with me.

The author's comments:
I had doubts about her love for me until I talked to her. I thought she would stay by his side despite her strong feelings for me. I began to write after we talked so I could sort my thoughts out, and I realized that I shouldn't doubt our love. This piece conveys a universal message, one that says that you should fight for what you love.

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