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September 26, 2011
By just.another.girl. BRONZE, Galesburg, Illinois
just.another.girl. BRONZE, Galesburg, Illinois
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its so hard to trust people when you've been screwed over so many tI'mes. its like no matter what anyone says you have to question weather its the truth or not.. & its so hard living day to day wondering whos going to lie to you today.. but thats what life is about right? learning from our mistakes, & when we trust someone & let them into our lives and they skrew us over.. to do everything in our power to not let it happen again.. but its really not that easy.. coming from experience, ive learned to trust noone.. even though half the tI'me i believe everything anyone says.. i could be wearing a blue shirt, and someone tell me my shirts red & i would put it into consideration that they were telling the truth.. thats not being literal of course.. its not being stupid, its just being too trustworthy.. ive learned to guard my heart to the best of my ability, but sometI'mes i get blinded by something that seems so amazing & too good to be true.. and in the end, it is too good to be true.. its like a mask that is so beautiful & perfect but when they take that mask off and show their true colors, its hideous. but again, thats part of learning from your mistakes.. I'm done letting the pain of yesterday, define the happiness of tomorrow..

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i know how it feels when you never feel like you can trust anyone.. & this is just reassuring everyone that there will be a person that comes into your life that will be there to stay & wont do anything to hurt you, or wont lie to you.

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