Overexposed and Underaged

September 24, 2011
By Anonymous

They're wearing skin tight clothing. Their skirt is long enough to cover up what should be covered, but not much else. They're tracing their figures seductively across the curves of their bodies.

Sound like an episode of Jersey Shore? Or a night out at a club, just hanging out with friends? No, this description is of high school dance teams across America.

It's no secret that America is overexposed to sexuality, and sometimes it's not always a bad thing. But when is it too adult? When is it considered too sexual for a certain age? I'm not sure about that, although I certainly believe that we have passed that mark.

Let’s put this in a few different perspectives, and see if you understand what I’m saying. As a parent, would you want your kid on the floor, thrusting certain areas of their bodies upward? If you were a 40 year old male teacher, would you want to watch young girls dance provocatively? Would you want that as the dancer or the dancer’s parent? What about the nerdy freshman girl, how would that make you feel?

What makes me angry is that a principal or faculty member is allowing girls under the age of 18 to dance like this in front of large crowds, but the principal doesn’t have as much say in it as someone else. What the heck is the dance instructor thinking?! Why would anyone destroy a girl’s innocence like that? I should save the ranting about the lost modesty in girls for another time, but it’s still a valid argument.

Pardon all the talk, and sorry if this made you feel uncomfortable. Yet, that’s what I want you to feel. I want you to feel my discomfort, and how gross this makes me feel as a student. How gross it felt knowing some of the girls on the team, being good friends with one of their older sisters.

Are we too late to change what this has become?

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