Angry Mobs.

September 15, 2011
By Anonymous

Have you ever been in a crowd of people who are all discussing the same thing? It can be, obviously, harmless and fun, until someone disagrees with someone else's opinion; then, other people start to take sides. When people start getting angry, the crowd gets dangerous. You begin to feel uneasy; someone starts shouting-- someone else starts shouting back. You decide its time to leave. But, you find that you can't leave, because the crowd is so tightly knit that you can't push you're way through without creating a panic. People start pushing each other, more people start yelling; like a sudden explosion, the crowd all starts shouting at once, becoming a mob-- the atmosphere has drastically changed, and there is fear and anger and panic and an overwhelming sense of hatred. People actually start getting violent, and, in a panicked attempt to escape, you start pushing through people to get through the exit; but by then, everyone is beside themselves with rage, and they push you back. Someone starts screaming. Your adrenaline is pumping, you are only thinking that you have to get out of here.

People get killed in mobs. When a whole group of people is hating with such a vehemence, they do things they normally wouldn't do. Mob psychology affects everyone in the crowd.

Someone pushes you to the ground. Getting trampled by feet, you think "why do people have to act this way? Why can't we just accept people's differences, and just stop hating each other and just get along?" Unfortunately, it's too late for that kind of thinking.

I think if we could just be more accepting of others' ideas and opinions, if we only understood each other, we might not get into these situations. Perhaps one day, one of us will get stuck in an angry mob-- because we can only truly feel the fear and hatred if we've experienced it, some of us might actually NEED to be caught in one to understand and change.

The author's comments:
I've just been kind of scared and disgusted with humanity lately....

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