Dreamt a dream of a different dream?

August 28, 2011
By writingitup SILVER, Oromucto, Other
writingitup SILVER, Oromucto, Other
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Our imagination is a segment of our dreams, we imagine what we want to be or accomplish then use our dreams to create how it’s going to go all about. It could be your long life dream of being that mother with two kids, whom lives in a white picket fenced house, which always smells of fresh baked cookies, and has a husband who looks identical to George Clooney and makes the same amount of money per year. However, it may be something like getting your parents to rekindle their divorce and stay together or getting a promotion out of your hot headed boss. No matter what we imagine, our dreams always get the better of what could really become. The truth of the matter is your white picket house is actually an apartment with very thin walls, smells of dead animal, and a husband who looks like Ozzy Osborne, after drugs, with the pay check of an unemployed gardener. Meaning the hopes of your parents falling back in love living happily ever after, actually ends with them fighting like wild animals over who gets the TV or your hot headed boss gets overly mad and fires you for asking for a simple promotion.

You can go day to day dreaming and imagining the life that others have dreamt about before you, and have failed at all attempts, yet still hoping you can be the one out of a trillion who gets the cookie cutter lifestyle. Though in the very end when you get what you may or may not hope for and are left with the memories of the people you fought your way through to get there and the many things you gave up or changed about yourself, you become left with one question. . . Are YOU happy with what you’ve become, and if you had a second chance would you change anything about it?

"Stay Beautiful; xox Milly"

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