My Bus Accident

August 4, 2011
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I was in fifth grade and I was in the band. So I had to catch the middle school bus early in the morning. Then I would arrive at the middle school where I would get on another bus that would take me to my school. So on a winter morning I was on the bus with 2 of my friends Cole and Trevor. I was sitting third row back and was reading a Nancy Drew book. I knew we were a minute away from the middle school. All we had to do is turn and go .2 miles and turn again and your in the parking lot. So as I was saying that we were a minute away so I put down my book and I here a bang then I fly forward. So before I tell you what happened I want to continue throw the rest of the story then I will come back and I promise I will not forget. So after about a hour or so we go into the school's commons as we call it and we go call our parents and we wait. Cole, Trevor, and me were shock. My mom finally gets there and I walk out the school and I start crying. WAIT don't think I'm a cry baby because I am not I was just went through something very emotional. So anyway the principal comes out and tells my mom something but I was already to the car and now to the good part. I told you I would not forget. So after I put my book down 2 cars hit each other and then hit us. It was weird! No one was hurt except the bus driver was taken to hospital because she was complaining her back hurt but it turned out to be nothing. It was a weird day and I got out of school that day. THE END I hope you enjoyed my article and peace up.

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Suvi said...
Apr. 12 at 1:45 pm
This is very important and help full for me thank u
Ayan said...
May 31, 2015 at 12:42 pm
Good and Nice. Very helpful to me.
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