August 2, 2011
Dear lord all battles will go to life, we ask for our chances fair. Chance to equal out all strife, chance to do or dare. If we should win, let it be by the code. Faith in the honor held high. If we should loose, we stand by the rules, cheer as the winners go by. DAY BY DAY. WE GET BETTER AND BETTER. TILL WE CAN'T BE BEAT. WERE GONNA BEAT BEAT.
My schools football program hasn't always been, well spectacular at all. Thomas football has lacked in the past few years because of players not wanting to work their tails off to win a football game. This saddens me. What happened to the people who ate, slept, dreamt and lived for the game? What happened to the old heroes of the field and the old comeback kids? Is this generation of athletes doomed because of a lack of pride? Think not.
The beginning of this piece was part of a song (auto-adrenaline, in my opinion, best pump up song ever<3) really helps me with pride. Music manipulates my every mood and beats and strong soulful pride lyrics really get the blood running through my veins. Football is a sport of pride, think it or not. You come out there to hit, and run for the pride of winning that game. Not the glory. People tend to mix those up. The PRIDE. The feeling of walking off that field knowing you put your heart into every play and every minute on that field you know you played like a champion. That's what pride is.
Think about this and think about it if your school is like mine and has an athletics program struggling because of lack of pride. Ask yourself before you ask anyone else; Do you have it in you?

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