Boys. what can you say?

July 7, 2011
By Anonymous

When you enter high school you feel as if everything changes. that whatever happened when you were in middle school is forgotten and your starting on a fresh clean slate. When i started high school this is exactly how i felt. There was this guy i liked and i had not had a lot of experience with flirting and dating so i tried to start out as friends. We talked A LOT and i knew he liked me but he didn't seem interested. i finally realized that he really didn't like me when i saw him KISSING my best friend. So i bet your thinking i was never friends with her again. but i am. because he was never any of ours, and he didn't like me anyway. Am i friends with him?? NO. but i do talk to him. i feel that there's no point in having a grudge with him because he didn't feel the same way. So your wondering how did i get over him?? I don't. You don't get over your first crush or someone you liked so much. when you see them, you hope their hoping they could be with you, and when you talk to them your heart skips a beat. at first i thought i was crazy and hung up but i realized its normal, and as time progresses i will move on, but until then I'll wait. because I've learned time really does heal all.

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