What will world be in far future?

July 22, 2011
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The trend of the world cannot be predicted accurately. But some symptoms have been obvious in some aspects. That is to say, in Carl Marx’s words, when people get rich, they will turn their attractions to culture, art and others which can be appreciated by heart, not with material. Meanwhile, economic globalization is a result of corporations which are running among countries. With their power, many factors can be shared without the barrier of boundaries of nations. Among the factors, technology is the most active one. For instance, many manufacturing techniques have been spread from developed countries to developing countries. According to the evidences above, we can draw a rough line of the development of the globe in far future.
Nowadays, the communications among nations mainly depend on the fortune of politic and economic. It is can be seen that whether two countries will touch with each other rely on whether they have finance or politic fortune connection. As a proverb indicates, “There is no friendship forever but interests.” As many economists like Marx have claimed, this is a normal phenomenon in such a global situation. Only 20% rich countries are in charge of the majority of fortune in the world. This is the view of the whole globe. We can minify the view into a single country, USA for example, when in 19 century; there was a wider fortune gap than today. Consequently, it is known that people those days were not so “kind” as today. And enlarge the view as the world; there is also a wide fortune gap as USA 100 years ago. In this way, people’s “despicable” among nations can be understood properly.
I have written above that multinational companies can spread finance and technology among nations. For my part, they are useful tools to speed up the finance circulation, urge more finance circulate from rich ones to poor ones. In the same time, technology will also be introduced into backward countries. When more and more countries benefit from multinational corporations, some countries themselves may be transformed into technical companies. So at that time, the countries which have common technology research may get together can form an organization like EU. And in this constitution, government’s function, which is called “The tools used to govern the people”, may be faded. Government is to be like a central institution, which is used to support the scientific research of the whole nation.
However, even in science dominant time, war will still exist. Today, many companies often send spy into other companies to thief the information of techniques. This is illegal. As for legal ways, there are rude competitions among companies. Like Microsoft and Apple, these two have been enemies in techniques and markets for ten of years since 1980s. In the future, wars between companies will develop into wars between countries. Nevertheless, war there is not a conception of fire or guns or so on. Violent competition indeed is a type of war in this society.
We can often hear a term, “The culture of company”. Each company has its own culture. With the techniques’ spreading, their culture will also be spread at the same time. Moreover, the company’s culture is based on the culture of its nation. For example, Panasonic is bound to have culture with the basement of the culture of Japan. As a result, when there is no big technique disparity among countries, culture will be a most essential element of communications. Nations have common or similar culture environment will combine. China, Japan and Korea, for instance, will be close to each other. And Europe and North America will be a combination as a huge country. When culture becomes the leading and only power in the globe, the world will be peace from the root. And it will also indicate that the fortune of the world has been distributed fairly.

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