I Learned What Love Was Today...

June 17, 2011
When you clicked on this you most likely assumed it was some stupid story about a couple i saw but it isn't.
it's about how when you are my age, just a teenager falling in love with anyone is sI'mply a mistake. you think you can make it work. you think it will all be okay. then you get hurt and hurt people over and over until nothing seems real anymore.
the first tI'me i broke up with someone i cried the minute i did it and for months afterwards because i felt so bad but within the last little while i have come to see i can do it with nothing in my head. and no feelings in my heart. I've come to believe i don't have a heart anymore.
I see a couple walking and talking and looking at each other with that look in their eyes and i think i want that but with every attempt at it i get hurt or they get hurt and I'm truly convinced that love is only...sI'mply...

Pain & Suffering & Mistakes....

So why bother with it?

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