June 10, 2011
By Anonymous

There are always consequence to doing drugs? They are plants and chemicals that slowly turn you crazy. The drugs bring you in to a different world for some is something very cool and exiting. Sure I might have never been in that other world and or taken drugs but I know what the other side feels like, and let me tell you it’s not so cool. I hate the fact that young kids are taking drugs right under adult noses. Students under the age of 19 are smoking and doing drugs. It’s as if all teenagers have lost all respect for themselves. Drugs ruin family’s and friendship’s when someone is depressed I can see why they would turn to drugs but I still think there has to be another way that you can deal with it. A lot of kids/teenagers take drugs and smoke to be cool but I can tell you now it’s not that cool, in fact it is actually pretty pathetic. One other excuse is that “I live in the suburbs I have nothing to do and I am bored, therefore I am here doing drugs.” That is such a stupid excuse, what happened to people doing things that won’t scar them for life but will actually benefit them.

The idea of escaping this world and entering another is very fascinating and interesting, it sound exiting. But there are many other ways to achieve that other than inhaling or injecting chemicals in to your body. What happened to writing, reading, using your imagination, etc. People always argue with me that smoking weed is better for your health that a normal cigarette, but if you are looking other than just your lungs and your teeth weed does damage to your brain. So ask yourself this is it better to damage your health or your brain. ANYWAY YOU SHOULD BE SMOKING UNTIL YOU ARE 18!!! Sometimes I just sit and wonder what my generation has come to. I hope that druggy’s get theirs later in life. I JUST MAKES ME FURIOUS, and they tell me I am a scaredy cat and I don’t try new things, well at least I am not drugging myself to act cool or can’t control my depression.

Another thing that upsets me is that many people are taking any action or notice that their children are going out and smoking and doing drugs. Maybe the parents have already found out but it seems like they say “ok you are grounded now go to your room”, that doesn’t do anything when they get out of being grounded they are just going to go back to smoking, just this time they won’t make the mistake of getting caught. This is not teaching the kid anything, there has to be a better punishment or lesson that can teach these kids not to smoke and do drugs. Maybe don’t let them hang out with suspicious friends or random people, or maybe get to know the friends your kid hangs out with. I feel this is unacceptable!!

People don’t appreciate the fact that there are others who care about them and hope the best for them. But by going out and smoking and doing drugs, it doesn’t show any appreciation at all. Whenever we try to talk to you druggy’s you just ignore us, it goes through one ear and out through the other. I simply don’t understand why you get angry and depressed when we try to help you. PLEASE EXPLAIN? Our society used to be thriving with intelligence and imagination and now the rate of people doing drugs has increased and this can’t be good. I hope that all of you will eventually come out of your drugged state and a friend or family is inflicted with this addictiveness and you feel the pain. I hope you have to feel the pain in which you try to help someone who hates you for it. I pray you feel that pain.

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