School Uniforms

June 6, 2011
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My opinion on School uniforms is that, they shouldn’t have school uniforms. Why? Well simplify because kids like to express themselves by wearing things that express them. I know I like being different. I wouldn’t want to wear the same thing as every other girl in the school. I think it would get boring. Not only boring but also annoying. If kids have to wear uniforms they should be able to have a say in what the uniform looks like. I know wearing the same color everyday must get pretty boring also.
So I think the school boards should talk to the students to see what they want. They are the ones wearing it aren’t they… No one really knows how he or she feels about it. Otherwise they should just band wearing uniforms and just have rules on what you are allowed to wear at school. So then that way children can express themselves. And or feel comfortable in what they choose to wear. That is my opinion on School Uniforms.

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