Adolf Hitler

June 4, 2011
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Hitler has been painted with many negative comments and accusations over the years. Although I agree 100 percent with the fact that Hitler was a violent, evil man, I can't deny his overwhelming leadership capacity. He was one of the most powerful and influential people of the 20th century.
His moral compass certainly did not point north, and the Holocaust he caused was one of the most gruesome events of our time, but he had natural leadership abilities.
Think about the amount of people that he was able to command;most of these people knew it was wrong to kill others for no reason, but they put their trust (even if it was sometimes out of fear) into their leader, Adolf Hitler.
Can we blame the German people for electing him? No. They didn't see the power-hungry, evil man with cruel intentions, they saw a commanding leader that could potentially make Germany a world power. One way or the other, Hitler stood for power.
Power was what had been achieved, even if it was achieved in a completely wrong way.
If Hitler, with his huge flaws, his power hungry ways and his skewed vision of human beings was able to lead so many people into doing the wrong thing, and have such an impact on the world, imagine how much he would've been able to accomplish if he had stood for doing the right thing.

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