Music Doesn't Make Me

June 3, 2011
Do you see that kid over there, dressed in the black clothes? You may think that he is “Goth”, but there is actually much more to him than his clothes. He likes to listen to country music. His favorite color is orange. I bet you couldn’t tell that from his black clothes, am I right? Kids in middle school are being judged. Not based on personality, But on the clothes they wear and the music they listen to. In fact, ____ % of 7th graders at my school feel judged based on music preferences and clothes. Some kids feel so insecure about the subject, that there parents are asking schools to distribute uniforms. Not only does that take away from our freedom of expression, but the lack of exposure to things that are “different” will cause more people to judge.

You may think that only depressed people will commit suicide, but to Takoko Daily, last year 30,000 people committed suicide in the U.S. I’m guessing that a number of them took their lives because of feeling judged. Not only on clothes, but on weight, race and sexuality. If that doesn’t make you think twice before calling that kid over there “emo” or that girl listening to country music a “Hick”, I don’t know what will. Yes, I know that you may think people dressed that way are “setting themselves up to be judged” because they are dressed in clothes that make people stare and they may wear clothes to be noticed or to be different, but you don’t need to make a big show of avoiding them and gossiping. How would you feel if everyone judged you based on what you’re wearing and not for your personality?
“Oh, Jenny’s wearing a long sleeve shirt! She must cut herself.”

“Look at Elizabeth! She’s such a Goth kid! Just look at her black nail polish”

Doesn’t feel good, now does it? That’s exactly why the judgment and stereotypes must stop before it goes all too far. Why does it matter if I wear black or listen to heavy metal? It doesn’t mean I’m any different from you.

Sure, a lot of us may want to stand out, but my friend Sam says she doesn’t. In our interview, Sam said that as of right now, she is acting like someone she isn’t because she is afraid of people staring at her and looking down on her. If she does one thing out of order, she feels people won’t talk to her. If she tries to stand out, life will just be worse than people not noticing her. Kids will take being invisible, to being themselves. That, to me, sounds horrible. People can be so mean, but who are they to judge? Are they the fashion police? I don’t want to be labeled like a soup can. I can be whatever I want, nobody should tell me I can’t. And to the kids who think they’re the kings and queens of fashion, do you want that kid you’re “labeling” to end up those 30,000 people who committed suicide last year? I interviewed my friend Victoria and she said that even she sometimes judges people based on clothes. You see? Even the nicest people can be judgmental (and needless to say shallow and materialistic). We will all judge. I can’t change that. But don’t let it rule your life and friendships. Don’t treat anyone differently because they wear different things than you. Don’t bully others because they don’t like the same things you do.

Yes, first impressions stick to you like glue. But you shouldn’t stereotype because of the clothes people wear because you have no clue what’s going on at there home and in their lives. Last year, I wore a lot of black because I was going through a hard time. I felt that the second people looked at me, I was considered a Goth. But nobody knew that I liked soccer, or the color blue. They didn’t even think to get to know me. They all were just labeling me. I felt like I was a walking blog, everyone gets to put there opinion in who I am. I would take every little thing anyone said to heart and would be upset and insecure for months. But I’m so glad I think differently now because last year, when everyday when I wanted to wear this really pretty green dress, I wouldn’t because I was afraid of judgment from everyone. When I finally got up the courage to wear it (and nobody really cared or said anything), I discovered that all that matters is that I like the dress. It doesn’t matter if others didn’t. It was my dress. Not there’s. And if they didn’t like it, they didn’t have to go out and wear it. Nobody can change my personal style or my favorite songs.

Although you may like to think of people the way you thought of them the first day you met them, but don’t. People can change and they are not always what they seem. That kid in the black, he can be a figure skater for all you know and without getting to know him, you’d never know this. All people do is judge people by the outside, and by the materials you have and clothes you wear. With all the new technology and clothes styles we have in this day and age, people are so materialistic. Only the few good people will get to know you and care about you for your personality. Those are the people you want to be friends with. Those are the people who know music doesn’t make you.

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