May 25, 2011
By MMSCheerleader13 BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
MMSCheerleader13 BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
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Even though South Louisiana is muggy, covered in swampy marshes and filled with mosquitoes, it is not what people may think. South Louisiana is still a great place for a vacation. It has diverse cultures, amazing food, and fun all tied together in one great city. The City of New Orleans.

New Orleans has so many different cultures, and that is what makes the city so interesting and enjoyable. Some of the first cultures to ever arrive were French, Spanish, and English. In New Orleans, there is a section called the French Quarter. The French Quarter has a lot of history of the French and their architecture. In Jackson Square, you will find the Saint Louis Cathedral. The Saint Louis Cathedral is the oldest Catholic church in the United States. Massive balconies overlooking the streets and iron gates show the Spanish influence on architecture in New Orleans. Music is also a giant part of the New Orleans culture. Walking through the French Quarter, music fills the air. Both jazz and blues were brought to New Orleans when the slaves were brought over from Africa. While slaves worked for hours on end in the fields they sang and hummed to themselves. Blues was sung by them to show how sad they were that they were forced to work on fields and plantations. Jazz is a type of music that lifted people’s spirits. Another unique feature about New Orleans is the graveyards. The coffins are actually above ground because New Orleans is below Sea Level. Since New Orleans is below sea level and if there is a flood, the water would push the coffins out of the ground and into the streets. Because of this, the dead are laid to rest in a mausoleum.
New Orleans is the ultimate party place. Each year, the city hosts thousands of guests for Mardi gras. If you are planning a vacation sometime in February, you should definitely come on down to New Orleans for non-stop fun at Mardi gras. This celebration has numerous parades, with giant colorful floats, music, festival royalty, and even some celebrities. This celebration lasts for twelve days, ending on “Fat Tuesday”, the day before lent. “Fat Tuesday” is an official holiday in New Orleans. The city stops everything for this event. The festivals are so amazing in New Orleans, that you can hear the cheers from anywhere in the country. The Jazz Fest is a huge festival that celebrates all types of jazz inheritance music. From jazz to blues, tourists are destined to find some type of music they are interested in. Everyone in New Orleans is so laid back and relaxed, that you will never feel rushed when you are in the city. It feels like everyone who you are next to is your friend.
New Orleans has some of the best food in the entire country. If you are going, you better start training your taste buds for some of the hottest peppers, sauces, and food you will ever find in all of the 50 states! From the French influence, the Cajun influence, and the Spanish influence, New Orleans has some of the best food in the country. There is also fresh fish from the Gulf of Mexico and other marine life for fine dining. New Orleans is home to fine Cajun cuisine. From shrimp to flaming hot gumbo, New Orleans is the place to find the best food there is.
Now you know the many reasons to come visit New Orleans. The culture, food, celebrations, music, and like any city, history.

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