Right or Wrong?

May 23, 2011
By Anonymous

Osama Bin Laden was killed a little less than a month ago. He was a terrorist who deserved death. He was killed by a group of Navy Seals. Bin Laden was with four of his top associates when he was ambushed by the highly trained Seals. He was brought to death within the first minute of the attack. However he was not armed with any deadly weapon. The only person with a weapon was his son, with a pistol which wasn’t even drawn. Many Americans said that it was wrong for them to kill all those top terrorists when they weren’t armed. Some even say they should let him be and not bother him any longer. That is a stupid thought because even from the hiding he still sent plans to his associates. Even after 9-11 he tried to send terrorist attacks to the United States soil. The attacks were shut down by American Intel. The decision to put down him and his associates was the right decision. If they would have taken him captive, then he would have been dead within the next couple days. He was a horrible man and deserved his punishment of sudden death. A world without Bin Laden is a safer world.

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