The Crime Scene

May 16, 2011
By tajoines24 BRONZE, Austin, Texas
tajoines24 BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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Gunshots, thievery, murder, they’re all the same thing. Crime. For many young adults this is part of an everyday life. Good behavior for them is like wearing shoes that don’t fit. They’re disconnected. Many kids grow up in areas where it doesn’t seem wrong, that there’s so much negativity they can’t decipher what’s right. They’ve dug a pit for themselves. The only problem is that they’re trapped. There are only a few exceptions. The ones who try to get out.

Crime in teens today is like a wide spread plague. It can bring the best of people down and it gets deadly.

A huge epidemic today is that some go out of their way to accept it. To worsen their chance of getting out with some part of their life intact. Behavior like this leaves a scar on how we see each other and ourselves. It keeps getting deeper even after we try to stop it.

One of the worst types of crimes I know of is when you bring someone else down with you when you’ve already gone to one of the lowest levels possible. One of those ways is drugs. It takes one hit to get you addicted. It takes one hit to ruin your life. It also takes one hit to bring down an innocent life with you.

Most of the time you hear about or see someone who did do these things. You can hear a tinge of pride in their voice though. Imagine doing something as vile and grotesque and being proud of it. They wouldn’t care if they ruined your life, as long as they got a kick out of it.

But don’t lose all hope left. A lot of people haven’t lost hope yet. Although there are those who like the plague they have, others are trying to recover from it. There are support groups, family and friends who can help you through it. Hearing about how people are trying to turn their live around after being so heavily immersed in crime makes the world seem a shade brighter. Soon, hopefully the world will seem like the brightest place you’d ever see. The world were the words criminal and crimes are just foreign words. And the ones who were affected by this awful circumstance will longer fear of it happening to them or anyone else.

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