HTC Evo vs. iPhone

May 14, 2011
“HTC Evo or iPhone,” the starter of many disagreements and debates. The iPhone and Evo4G have many similarities, differences, pros, and cons. How do these differences affect the phones’ over-all performance?

Let’s start with the similarities. One similarity is the number of applications and the app store or market. Both Apple (maker of iPhone), and HTC and Android (makers of Evo) have vast choices of apps. Both app stores have many free and paid apps. The Android Market is well organized and so is the Apple Store. Another similarity is the screen size and definition. Both the iPhone and the Evo have a very large screen and both the screens are very high definition. Also, the Evo and the iPhone are full touch screen, meaning they can be operated with just the touch screen. One last similarity is their web enablement. Both phones can surf the web.

Although there are many similarities, there are many differences. One of the major differences is the fact that the Evo is 4G, meaning when 4G is enabled the internet and downloads will be amazingly fast. The iPhone, however, is not 4G enabled. Another large difference is battery life. The Evo looses on this on because the battery life is horrible. After being fully charged the Evo gets about 18 hours of life, while the iPhone gets 38 hours of life. Even though the app stores are similar, the Android market has more free apps, such as the popular game, Angry Birds. The Evo is also much more customizable than the iPhone. I do realize that it is possible the ‘Jail Break’ the iPhone, but it is highly not recommended, because it voids the warranty and changes with the essential software of the phone. The last major difference is the fact that the Evo is more like a computer because the operating system is so powerful and the iPhone is more about being eye candy.

With the iPhone and the Evo having so many similarities and differences, it is hard to choose which is better. I have both an iPod touch and an Evo. I also have many friends who are devout Apple lovers. It all depends what you look for in a phone. This is my opinion and others may have different views, but I have to say the Evo 4G is better. I am a 14 year old boy and kind of a techie, so the Evo appeals to me because the Evo is more of a compact computer than just a cell phone.

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