What's a Scene Kid!!!

May 4, 2011
By Sky_Skitsofrantic BRONZE, Huntsville, Arkansas
Sky_Skitsofrantic BRONZE, Huntsville, Arkansas
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things that some one must always have:
2: lucky shoes
3: a SPORK!

Scene is a stereotype and lifestyle that infuses many aspects from music, fashion, and literature.Scene kids can often be called “emo” by those outside the Scene. This is a common misconception.
Some people see scene kids as broody trouble makers that are depressed and full of angst. This is not the case.
Scene kids often have very high self-esteem and are nice. They love music, some times a specific genre, some times a wide variety. They are often active on social networking sites like Twitter, Buzznet, FaceBook , and Myspace. Often use these networking sites as a way to raise their populatity in the Scene community. It isn’t uncommon to see them with different, catchy, names on these pages, (not very much unlike the stage names of many singer and performers). They usually rhyme or sound alike. Examples: Nathan Amazing and Jennifer Genuine. They can often be seen at concerts. If there is one in a 10 mile radius of were they are, they’ll be there.

Scenesters also tend to have there own crazy fashion taste. The girls often were skinny jeans with possibly a tutu pulled over it. Boys can also wear skinny jeans, but it’s optional. Both sexes wear flashy, bright shirts, with band logos or catchy sayings on it. Another huge thing that contributes to the scene style is the hair. Girl’s usually have choppy layers on the top of their hair that goes down into long thin ones. Boy’s hair is all about the bangs and is usually straight. Their hair is most often dyed really dark or really blond with bright colored highlights.

In many ways people have been affected by scene style even is they don’t like scene. They may have just have taken on just a few “scene-like” pairs of pants or shoes. The popularity of this fashion genre has exploded since the 1990’s and continues to grow on a day to day basis.

The author's comments:
i know there are a lot of people who don't like Scene kids or Scene Kids that will say that I'm a poser and that i don't know what I'm talking about but i really don't care. at least i tried. Enjoy!

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