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May 3, 2011
By , Plaquemine, LA
I believe in making progress. I could skateboard for 24 hours seven days a week because it’s an activity I enjoy. I would rather work at being a great skateboarder, than have a job that I don’t have fun with. When I skateboard, I have fun. Skateboarding gets negative peer pressure off my mind. Another example of activities to make progress would be drawing. When I draw, I go wild using all my creative imagination, and drawing calm’s me down from all the pressure I go through. I believe that making a lifetime worth of money is great when supporting a family, but I believe I should have a job I enjoy doing every day.

Just like Tony Hawk, I’ve been skateboarding since I was five. I’ve had family, friends, skateboarders, and people from skate parks, tell me that I will never go any where in life with skateboarding. I skateboard almost everyday to practice on new tricks and to get better skills. When I learn new tricks, it makes me feel accomplished. Skateboarding gets me through my days. At times, skateboarding can make me mad or bring me down because I can’t accomplish a certain trick, but the point of skateboarding is to work hard. I enjoy skateboarding, and it’s a goal I want to achieve, and I will never give up on it. I believe that even if I were the President of the United States, I’d still skateboard, daily. I would be skating all around the White House. I would live everyday as if there were no tomorrow.

Doing activities everyday that I enjoy makes my day. I believe it will get me through life. On the other hand, doing extra activities I don’t enjoy will just waste my time. Cleaning floors, or shelving cans will just waste my time. Why should I waste time doing certain jobs for a grocery store when I can draw or skateboard; an activity that I can actually work at being good at? Shelving cans or cleaning is not an achievement I could work at; they’re just secondary jobs to make your days go by slower. I can work hard and still have fun, achieving goals to become a great skater.
As I grow to become a good skateboarder, I can still being living life at the fullest.

Being a skateboarder like me is harder than people think. I live for skateboarding, and I would die for skateboarding. I enjoy skateboarding, and I can’t just give it up. Skateboarding is one of my biggest goals in life that I have to keep working at. My Dad used to skateboard. He used to tell me stories. Riding down the biggest hills of Connecticut, or how he’d build his own skateboards out of steel wheels and a piece of two by four. My Dad used to tell me those stories, and they inspired me. My Dad’s stories made me think more about being a skateboarder, knowing he used to skateboard.

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