Gun Control

May 1, 2011
By Anonymous

Gun control policies have been debated for years. Some have claimed that making all firearms illegal would eliminate gun related crimes. Some have claimed that firearm regulations are too lax and must be made more strict. Both of these claims are false.

Gun crimes are crimes that involve the use of a firearm to intimidate, injure, or kill. They are usually punished as felonies. Most gun crimes are committed by people who have already been convicted of felonies, and as felons are unable to legally posses a firearm, the weapons that they commit their crimes with, must have been illegally acquired. If all firearms are made illegal, that will in no way stop criminals from possessing them. It will only make their victims more vulnerable, because the law-abiding citizens that criminals prey on would have no means of defense. Criminals would have nothing standing between them victims but a police force that takes five to ten minutes to respond to a call, a call that may not even be made. In 2007 a 71 year old man was in his home when a burglar broke in his back door. The senior fired one round from his .38 caliber handgun, “He did NOT continue firing when it was clear he was no longer in danger” (Blue). He and his wife could have been injured or killed by the criminal, but were able to defend themselves. “As the saying goes, ‘WHEN SECONDS COUNT, THE POLICE ARE ONLY MINUTES AWAY.’(Blue)"

The idea that firearm regulations are too lax is preposterous. Permits require that classes be taken in proper handling of firearms, and extensive background checks and a long waiting period ensure that no criminals purchase weapons.
Firearms are tools, and many people owe the lives of their children, spouses, friends, and relatives, not to the police, but to a sidearm that was close at hand when there were only seconds to act.

Portland Man Defends Home With Handgun Against Intruder: 911 Audio

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