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April 26, 2011
By mat123116 SILVER, Topsham, Maine
mat123116 SILVER, Topsham, Maine
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Some scientists and other genii have come to the conclusion that time travel is not possible, but others, including myself, disagree. Time travel is completely possible it’s just that the conditions for it to happen are difficult to accommodate. Even Einstein whose technology was significantly less than what there is now found a ways to travel to the future difficult to achieve but possible. In terms of time travel in the past there are relatively simple ways to see the past, but if the person actually wanted to travel to the past it would be significantly harder.

Traveling to the future is simple everyone on earth is time traveling one second per second or in lay man’s terms you’re progressing at a normal pace. If a person wanted to visit earth 1,000 years in the future without progressing at normal pace one could get into a spaceship and travel to a star around 500 light-years away and back at 99.995 percent the speed of light Earth would be 1,000 years older but the person would only be 10 years older. Now most people would say that it’s impossible to send anything 99.995 percent the speed of light but scientist send protons in the fastest particle accelerator 99.999946 percent the speed of light, so it is also possible to send an astronaut. However, protons don’t weigh very much and therefore inexpensive to accelerate but a human weighs around 40 octillion times as much, so spending a person would be a lot more expensive. Also the weight of the spaceship and booster engines, and the cost of fuel which to accommodate the speed requirement would have to be matter-antimatter fuel, for every particle of mater there is a particle of antimatter and if antimatter comes into contact with matter they annihilate each other violently, so with the cost of gathering fuel, putting in safety precautions, and building the ship the journey would be very expensive.

There are different types of travel to the past. One way allows you to see the past but not interfere. The other way allows you to participate in past event. The way of looking back in time is progressively easier than going and experiencing the time.

Seeing the past is relatively simple if we look at Alpha Centauri, a planet four light-years away, through a telescope we see it as it was four years ago. This doesn’t help us if we want to see ourselves in the past but that is also possible. If we stand five feet in front of a mirror the image of you is not of that time you’re standing but ten nanoseconds before that time because light travels and one foot per nanosecond and it would take five nanoseconds to travel from you to the mirror and five nanoseconds back to you, so in theory if you were to send a mirror into space four light-years away, squared directly on you, and looked at it, it would take four year for the light travel that far, so in four years you could see yourself when you sent the mirror into space.

Most will say you’re actually not traveling to the past by looking in a mirror and they’re right because you can’t experience the time or interacted with it while you’re seeing it. These people would be absolutely right, but there is a different type of traveling to the past in which you can interact with your past self. Some people are familiar with the theory of a wormhole. In which you enter and end up at the end of a distance just as yourself is getting ready to go through the wormhole providing your fast enough you could go back to the entrance to the wormhole with enough time to shake hands with yourself before you go thought the wormhole.

The theory of the wormhole works because of space-time. Space-time is curved like a cylinder the top of the cylinder is the same as the bottom a wormhole is a tunnel that goes through the cylinder that leaves you where you started only older. Due to the fact space-time is rounded if the universe were to come to a cataclysmic end history would begin to repeat itself.

With the theory of space-time will show that putting the people in an elevator and cutting the cable and watching them plummet to the bottom of the shaft is say the same as if when the cable is cut the elevator is suspended in mid-air and the ground rises to up to hit he stationary elevator. Now if the ground rose the Earth would expand like a balloon, but because space-time is a cylinder the Earth retains its shape and size. So if u stood on a tree branch and cut the cable you would be weightless until the earth hit you.

This shows that time travel is possible in terms of visiting the past and future. This also shows that some scientists can be wrong. Time travel is not about whether it’s possible but rather how much it will cost to provide a person with the necessary components to accommodate all the circumstances.

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