Are We Born Evil?

April 25, 2011
By dliceaaz06 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
dliceaaz06 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Are people truly born with the traits and personality that they’ll grow up with and have for the rest of their lives? Those who actually believe this as true must be somewhat clueless because people as infants don’t have observable traits or a personality at such a young age. The way people are raised while growing up and the values that they’re taught along with other influences are responsible for affecting a person’s personality. Traits such as being evil are produce from what one has been through and taught during their earlier years.

The ‘evil’ trait could be a result of several factors such as abuse from parents or others, selfishness, or even greed. As shown in Golding’s The Lord of the Flies Jack who is the leader of the hunters (evil tribe/group) is said to have had problems back at home which may have caused him to lead others and do terrible acts of violence. No one raised around beneficial values and morals would even have the thought to kill another being by crushing them with a boulder and as demonstrated in this novel, Roger did this very same deed which took Piggy’s life and one must note that he was on the hunting tribe. However, these are not the only causes that turn someone evil. Throughout this dystopian novel several of the boys were influenced by better conditions and meat to betray the morally civilized group of Ralph and join Jack’s tribe.

The Lord of the Flies teaches us that human beings are molded and sometimes even tricked into having nasty personalities and numerous influences have the power to turn people into venomous snakes. Evil isn’t inherent; it is a possible trait that people can be raised to act as. Birth doesn’t automatically create a little angel or a little devil, a selfish brat or a timid child. These are traits that one picks up as they gain year after year.

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