Human Trafficking

May 2, 2011
By Anonymous

Do children’s parents know that their kids are being beaten, molested, and malnourished? Do women and children choose to be human traffickers? How would you feel if you had no control over your body and what others can do to it? Human trafficking is also known as a modern-day way of slavery. Human trafficking is all around the world whether we are aware of it or not.

Many children in numerous countries are kidnapped or sold. Parents decide to sell their children because their families are too poor to support them. Meanwhile parents have no idea what is going to happen with their children. In the Gulf States, children as young as the age of 3 are forced to race camels. The children that are trafficked are awakened in the middle of the night to clean up camel dung. If they refuse to do so or refuse to do any other job they are told to do, their trainers beat them, molest them, and even starve them. They also are punished if the job they did is not good enough (Degorge).

Clearly this is a problem, especially in certain places and we, as people that don’t have this happening to our kids, need to find a way to stop it. The United Nations adopted two new international treaties/protocols, one being human trafficking. The protocol is to strengthen cooperation between countries (Gallagher). That would help the United Nations to prevent human trafficking from crossing the border but what about these children in other countries? No one is trying to help them. They don’t even have control over their own bodies. The people that hear about this happening and have an impact on their countries should be helping to find a way to stop these innocent kids from being treated like this. Also people under the people that don’t have a huge impact on their countries should also help. Something small could turn into something huge and change lives.

In the Gulf States, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, the woman and children are forced into sex trade. A lot of women come to the Gulf States in hopes of starting a new life and finding a job to help their families back home. Little do they know, they would end up working as maids or child workers. These women are raped, beaten, and locked up. The woman end up finding themselves trapped unable to free themselves because they are overwhelmed by shame (Degorge).

There’s no excuse for anyone to be treated so poorly, like they aren’t Human. People need to start making a difference. It might not be seen much in the United States but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening, it’s just a lot worse in other places. Everyone that doesn’t have this happening to them should be grateful for everything they have because they could have it so much worse. Something needs to be done to stop these innocent children and women from going through such tragic and traumatizing situations.

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