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April 20, 2011
By Cameron Johnson BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
Cameron Johnson BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
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While growing up in life we all dream about being a professional at something. Just like Blair Morgan. Blair went for it and starting out young on his snowmobile. So he went for his dreams and made it all the way till he got in his injury.

Blair Morgan was born in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan Canada, growing up on his father’s pig farm with his 3 other siblings. At the age of 13, he was finally allowed to start up and go racing, his dream had come true. Starting out as a rookie and working his way up to being one of the most famous people in the world for professional Snocross and motocross racer.

Blair didn’t start out as a snocross racer. He started out as a motocross racer. Starting out little in his town of Saskatchewan, he worked up and made himself a pro. Blair worked super hard to be able to do this, and practicing as much as he could, he did it. After a few years of racing his Kawasaki 250, he worked his way up to being as good as Carl Vaillancourt. In 2001 Blair Morgan switch to Blackfoot Honda and raced with them, for a short time. A few years later he switched from Honda to Yamaha while making his own team in 2003. During that year, though, he got in horrible accident and kept on getting in accidents, so that kept him from being able to keep on racing. Finally after all the years after his injuries he started racing again in 2006 for Blackfoot Honda. After racing again for two years he got in a really bad accident, on September 21, 2008 he managed to break his back and spinal cords.s He was on a practice race before the actual race. He was getting ready for the supercross race, right before snocross had started. Racing at his home town he managed to do this. What happened is, he just took a wipe out. The wipe out was like what he had done multiple times before. Blair had landed on his head. He had become paralyzed, from the waist down. He was at ICU hospital. When they started to look at what happened to him, they notice that his head had came down and hit to hard and split his vertebrae. That ruined his racing for life. He was no longer able to be able to race in snocross or motocross ever again.

In 1997 Blair Morgan started to race in snocorss. He started out riding for team arctic, started out with the best. His aggressiveness that he learned from riding in motocross, of course made him hard competition for the other riders. But Blair wasn’t scared to try out the other companies for snowmobiles and switched in 2002 to team Ski-Doo. After the bad injury from motocross he wasn’t able to race again in snocross till 2004 but was always stealing the medals at many competitions. In 2008 he had became paralyzed from the hips down, and wasn’t able to race anymore.

If you ask any snocross or motocross fan about Blair Morgan they’ll know who you are talking about. Blair won many medals, and titles. He won the 1999 CMRC National Moto Championship, 1997 CMRC National MotoCross Championship, 1998 CMRC 250 National Championship, 5 time winter X-Games Gold medals in snocross, and won many snocross races and Snocross world championship.

Due to Blair Morgan’s injury, he will go down in history forever and will always be remembered in Snocross and in Motocross. If he was still able to race today him and Tucker Hibbert would being having a lot of competition between the green Arctic Cat® and yellow yellow Ski DO)®. If you believe in yourself and fallow your dreams you can make it as far as Blair did, so work hard and practice a lot and you may have a chance to make it into a big dog.

Tucker Hibbert had the same dream as all of us have dreams, and he fallowed it and went for it. Tucker was born on June 24, 1984 at Driggs Idaho, but grew up as a young boy than later moved to Pelican Rapids Minnesota. He grew up riding his little Arctic Cat Kitty Cat. Loving his Arctic cat he got a newer one and started being armature at the age of 11 for Snocross. At the age of eight he started to race motocross.

Tucker now has so many medals and titles that its amazing. He has more titles than you would think. He has,2010 Snocross World Champion, 55 National Pro Snocross wins, 4 Nation Pro Snocross Championships, 19 semi pro Snocross Championships, 6 CMRC MX2 Moto cross, 12 AMA Motocross 250 wins. Right now Tucker is the second in the world with the most medals, trying to fallow up Blair Morgan.

If you have passion to do something like Tucker Hibbert and Blair Morgan did. Go for it and try your hardest. To become the best that you can. Then maybe someday you can be a professional like Tucker and Blair, and love to do what you do for a living.

The author's comments:
I love to ride sled and these two are my role models

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