MY story

April 13, 2011
By Anonymous

it all began in 6th grade when we had that suicide presentation.
I was siting in my seat thinking that will never happen to me.
I just sat there thinking that it will blow over. Then during that year I was starting to be teased fro really no apparent reason. I tried to ignore it untill it blew over. Then i really started getting into liking guys in the later months of 6th grade then I was being teased for who I liked. ( this was all mainly guys) Any way the guys kept teasing i kept ignoring till the mid point of 7th grade that was when it was the worst. I told Mr.Banano then He said something close to there is nothing i could do. I went back to him a few months later with names. Then he asked me " what do you want me to do?" that is the last thing i expect to hear from a guidance counselor. So i went to my social worker there was nothing she could do either. That year something sorta scary to me happened.Michael picked up the fruit that i had dropped and tossed it at my eye. I went to the nurse to get a ice pac. That was scary because i didn't hear him say "I didn't do it." He had no punishments what so ever.then i kept asking my self what will happen when i get to hs. so by the time all of the teasing was sorta over (8th grade) I became neglected. Which made me feel even more like crap and then i had the suicide thoughts. but i couldn't do it b/c i had my parents to live for. ( i am glad i have them now) But if i hadn't had them i might of done it. And i wouldn't have been here. Sharing this with u . Now everything is ok i am making more friends

The author's comments:
It s my story that is similar to Ryan's story. If u want to see his story to compare here is the site
I almost ended up like him. But i am lucky to be alive now
because things got better.

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