Pant Saggers

March 29, 2011
By , Francis, UT
Do you ever think to yourself, “Do you think its cool, or “gangster” when you sag?” Well people would agree that these “pant saggers”.(those who wear their pants below the necessary limit) aren’t cool when they do this. We the “vile viewers”(the people who prefer not to see someone’s boxers) put up with this every day. The worst part is sometimes it isn’t just their boxers showing. Picture this your walking down the hall talking to your friends. You glance around and there is the “pant sagger”. Walking in their awkward way that is more like a shuffle than a walk. It is like they are just swaying back and forth slowly down the hall.

As I was happily walking down the hall between classes I looked down. Standing in front of me was a “pant sagger”. And poof my moment of happiness was over with just one look. This not only happens in school halls but everywhere in public. Malls, restraunts, almost everywhere you look in public there is a “pant sagger” in your view. My friends and I were shopping at the mall one day. As we turned around to walk towards the exit it was like a “pant sagging” group in front of us! All we could do was look away and try and erase their “pant sagging” swagger out of our minds forever.

So people of America we no longer have to be the “vile viewers” of these “pant saggers”. We can urge our fellow “vile viewers” to speak out against pant sagging. No longer do we have to walk down the halls in fear of viewing someone boxers or something below that. Our days of “vile viewing” can be stopped if we join together and voice our opinions.

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