Smacker smacking

March 20, 2011
By alexa hayter BRONZE, Heber City, Utah
alexa hayter BRONZE, Heber City, Utah
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Have you ever had some one sitting right next to you smacking their gum in your ear? with their juicy saliva swishing and smacking. When you hear that noise, does it make you fell sick? To a lot of people, smacking your gum is disrespectful. well, isn't it? I mean, when someone smacks their gum right in you ear, don't you just get agitated. For example, when you are trying to concentrate in class but can't because you can hear the chomping of someone's sticky,oozing gum. wouldn't you get a little bit annoyed? Now when we see people, who smack their gum, why don't we just tell them to stop? it's because when we think we are saying something nicely people might take it the wrong way.Believe me, the non-smackers; we aren't trying to make you fell bad.its just we think that smacking your gum in front or certain people they may get annoyed.
when I think of this, it reminds me of the Star Belly Sneeches by Doctor.It's about these made up creatures, the sneeches, and how they have the sneeches with stars and sneeches with out stars. At the end of this story they all end up joining together. So why can't we just all get along like that? let's just hope it's not too late for the non- smackers and the smackers.

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