March 15, 2011
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As the world goes on we evolve become faster smarter and stronger
As American citizens we should pay great mind to things that are going to affect in are future are children’s future I feel that technology is a great thing it helps us I don't know I would do without my phone, laptop, and my ps3 but as life goes on more things are being created and more of it is dangerous.

Will Our Annihilation Be Our Own Fault?

For example the military almost has there own industry of electronic devices some as simple as a compass and some as complex as death killing machines as you can see a picture of a military remote-control plane that has the power to kill and fly miles fast.
I am not against technology but I believe that there should be limits to cercertain things and who control them and this is only one example of the military technology we know about but I wouldn't be surprised what else is out there. If there is a such thing as atomic bombs that have the power to destroy states and kill million's of people and that was invented a while ago do you really think that they just stopped trying to make them better? I don't think so. Many of us don't pay attention to all this but it is important for are the existence off man kind to continue after all that's what we live for.
As a high school freshmen I know that it is only us people that make changes and if we don't nobody will, it will only end up being the opposite of your goal in other words the end

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