Top 5 Beauty Tips

March 14, 2011
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Hi there!

This is my 1st article and I am very excited!

These are the BEST beauty tips I can think of and I use these ALL the time:

1. Before you go to bed wear a LEMON, HONEY, PLAIN YOUGURT, EGG AND CUCUMBER FACAIL (basically just mix the food together and slap on your face). This is THE MOST EFFECTIVE clearing skin recipe EVER.

2. DO NOT PICK YOUR ZITS! The bacteria will spread and it will leave a short term scar. Place ice on it to make it less visible.

3. EXFOLIATE LEGS BEFORE YOU SHAVE. If you are shaving, dead skin gets in it and the razor will last for less time.

4. BRUSH YOUR HAIR AFTER YOU HAVE A SHOWER. It will make it shinier.

5. USE COLD WATER TO RINSE YOU HAIR IN THE BATH. It is so much better for your hair than HOT water.

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