Lowering Drinking Age

March 8, 2011
By Anonymous

Age determines a lot of things such as when your able to drive, when you can get legally married, when your considered an adult, when you can join the army, when you can purchase cigarettes, and most importantly when you can purchase and consume alcohol. Many countries drinking age is much younger than ours. Some American's believe that the drinking age should be lowered to 18 while other believe 21 is the appropriate age. I believe the drinking age should be lowered to 18. Here are some reasons why i believe the drinking age should be lowered.

When you turn 18 your given many rights such as the right to vote, getting legally married, join the army, drive, smoke cigarettes, be prosecuted and many other things. Then why aren't you allowed to purchase alcohol, if you are given all these rights by the age of 18. If your are trusted to make mature decisions than you should be trusted to consume an appropriate amount of alcohol. Another point is that teens will still find a way to consume alcohol lowering the MLDA will take away the urge that all teens have and the thrill of drinking under age. Another pro of lowering drinking age is be able to drink in a controlled environment such as a restaurant, bars, etc. Its considered a safe environment rather then drinking behind your parents back or in a house party. For me personally I believe that alcohol/drug addiction is inherited When you drink in moderation it is good for a teen's health between the ages of 18-20. In other countries the drinking age is much younger than the United States. Countries such as Italy, China, Greece are some of the countries where the legal drinking age is lower and they seem to have fewer alcohol related problems.

To every argument there are pros and cons. Even though I would like the drinking age to be lowered you always have to look at both sides of an argument. So you can be educated and be able to prove your case and not be arrogant. Some cons in lowering the drinking age means teens who consume alcohol can make them more vulnerable to drug and substance abuse, unplanned and unprotected sex, depression, violence, and other social ills. When teens drink they are more likely to binge drink. I believe that teens will still binge drink and break the law.

As you can see there are two sides to this argument. And your age determines what you are able to do. It may be just a number but that number will be what determines if you can vote, get married, drink etc. By lowering the drinking age it will reduce teens from drinking alcohol without supervision there are many positive effects to being able to drink at a younger age. In conclusion I believe it all depends on the person and the decisions they chose to make you can make smart choices and drink responsibly or you can drink

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