Open Mouthers

March 7, 2011
By Carol24 BRONZE, Heber City, Utah
Carol24 BRONZE, Heber City, Utah
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Yuck! Squishy, slimy, colorful, sticky, greasy, creamy, crunchy. These things we all see almost everyday. How and when do we see these? We see these things when people want to talk so badly they need to show the food they are eating. These kind of people I call the Open Mouthers.
A few days ago, I had an encounter with one of these open mouthers. I was minding my own business when one of them came and sat right across from me. I looked around me for an escape route, but everything was blocked, so i looked at the open mouther and said, with a false smilee in place, "Hello." I tried to be calm, and then the bite of pizza came. The open mouther looked at me and answered with a full mouth, "How mm havem pla you mm been pla." I looked up to see what looked like a big pile of slimy, ,mashed, squishy tomatoes. The red oozy sauce came to the corner of the mouth and seemed to be hanging on for life and ready to spill at any moment. Inside was the chewed up bread and sauce mashed together to what seemed like a squished tomato clamped together with wet slimy bread. I could see everything and that was not what I wanted! Finally my mind couldn't take it anymore and yelled "STOP." I got up and with my fake smilee looked down and said goodbye.
Today you see a lot of open mouthers eating and enjoying food. One of the things you might not notice is the discomfort of the people around them. I, for one, do not enjoy seeing chewed up food when I am eating, and I doubt other people like it either. Eating with your mouth open is also bad mannered, and you should show what your parents taught you. Talking with your mouth full can result in bad and embarrassing consequences. For example, you're talking with your mouth full and then slushy, all the food you had in your mouth comes spitting our. Gross! The people get not only to see your food, but also feel it. In these situations, it is better not to talk.
We can talk and eat all we want, but the least we can do is not shoe the food we are eating. We need to remember our manners and learn how to wail until we are done with our food to talk.

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