Attack of The Aliens

March 6, 2011
By RandyVR BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
RandyVR BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
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On September 19, 1961, they were driving to Portsmouth when they saw a bright light in the sky. Soon, some human-like figures got out from a disk-like craft and approached the Hills. The human-like figures with their vehicle began hovering over the Hills' car. The aliens soon abducted them. The Hills later claimed to have entered a state of altered consciousness during the abduction.
Many artifacts that were clearly of Egyptian origin were also found in Peru dating back to the time of the Ancient Egyptians. However these two cultures and countries were not supposed to have had contact back then being so far from each other. This is one reason I believe that aliens exist, because how did the Peruvian people happen to have the same artifacts if they are thousands of miles apart.
There is a lot of proof that aliens exist, and visited the ancient civilizations. Discoveries show that aliens visited Egypt because of the drawings found in the pyramids. I believe that the aliens visited the ancient civilizations because they wanted to help them, or because they were experimenting on them. Another reason is because they knew that they didn’t have technology, and they didn’t know that they were there, so they came to earth to take over the planet. Also the pyramidas were set in a pattern, that was also found in another ancient place in Peru which was the same pattern and also had pictures of people that looked to be praising an alien with a circle above the aliens head with bright lights.
Many odd things are found in Peru, the Nazca lines, a set of animal and geometrical lines engraved onto the ground which extend for miles. Engraving these lines would require a view from above to do them correctly. I believe that they were able to do this because Aliens helped them do it perfect. I believe that there is aliens because how is some one suppose to think of the internet, and making it real.
UFO’s have been spotted all over the world, and they all seem to have the same shape. People have said that it was a flying egg shaped aircraft with red lights. Or the traditional one. Some stories are the same, they see a star, but then it switches to a different location really quick, others say that after they see a UFO they wake up to find a bright beem of light outside their window, or some people wake up with inhuman like creatures standing over their beds experimenting on them. There is also a story that says that a little girl and her dad went to the white house in 1936, during the world war and was put into a secret room that they believed was the basement. They were put there because their dad had an important meeting and she was put there for her safety. There she saw 3 jars, which she believed were aliens because they did not look human. Next to the 3 jars she found a ship which looked to be a UFO. Before she left she was told that they should keep this a secret until the secretary of the state and her dad died.
These are the reasons that I believe that aliens excist, but the one that really makes me question if there is another type of life form out there is the invention of all this technology. I believe that aliens helped a lot in making the internet, or airplanes.

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