Should Illegal Aliens Have Rights?

March 6, 2011
Illegal aliens being given social services has been a topic that has been debated, and yet to have come to a conclusion. Some people believe that they work hard, and gain money that they should be given rights. Many people believe cannot afford services like insurance or health care, so why should people that are illegal get services? Illegal aliens should not have social services until they are legal.

Illegal Aliens come into the United States without citizenship, that is what makes them illegal. When a criminal commits a crime and is convicted for it, than he loses his rights. A US citizen even loses his rights when he does something illegally. So why should we even think about giving rights to people that were never citizens in the first place? These aliens are illegal and when something illegal happens you lose your rights, so we shouldn't’t ever give rights to people who didn’t start off ever doing something legal.
According to US Census Bureau 41,000 illegal aliens come the United States averaging about half a million in one year. When the illegal aliens come to the United States, they need to find a job. These jobs vary from cleaning services, restaurant s, plumbing, and other low wage jobs. Many illegal aliens find this job because it pays the minimum wages and not big salaries. This way they can fly under the radar. Although it is only minimum wages when over half a million illegal aliens are coming to our country, they take up about eleven to twenty two billion dollars a year. Many people that are legal citizens are being laid off, while illegal aliens are getting paid. So in conclusion, illegal aliens to get paid and they do work hard, but they still don’t deserve social services, they are actually taking money from legal citizens and putting our country into more debt than we are already in.
Many people today in the United States do not have social services. Yes they can vote and things that are in the Constitution, but many people do not have things like health care, and insurance. Now we want to give them to people that are illegal. United States citizens do not have social services and now we want to give them to people who are illegal. It seems like that they are being knocked out by illegal aliens. Now people who are in the Middle Class and are Senior Citizens are almost being denied their rights so that people who do not belong here can have theirs? Is this just?
Although many people could come up with evidence to say that illegal aliens should have social services. I also do not mean to offend anyone by this paper. I am just simply saying that we should worry about our country’s problems first, before we need to worry about giving illegal aliens rights. I just believe that people who go against the law should not be given any social services at all.

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