The Uniter States at War

March 4, 2011
By , Reno, NV
I believe that the United States of America is creating more world conflict than it helps to solve. The country has gone through a Golden Age in the 20th century mainly because the rest of the world was at war, and many people have fled their countries to come here, with them their ideas and culture. The world economy began to be controlled by this country, while the other great powers were under communism at that time. Even after the Cold War, there is still much conflict going on today.

Yet this is not the only country in the world as some average Americans seem to think. I know that the people that live here would disagree with my views due to their nationalism, however I only seek to show what the outcomes might be, as the United States puts their nose into everyone’s business, and it is not always a good thing. Countries need to evolve on their own without the external influence of the United States.
The people of those countries need to solve their problems back at home by themselves, without the United States.

While the United States tries to help out the poor countries and sustains world peace, the country hides a lot of things from other smaller governments – like Nuclear Power from Iran and North Korea. The idea that these countries will develop nuclear energy solely for weapons of mass destruction is downright stupid. It is a fact that the nuclear weapons developed by those countries would have small yield and would not have enough fuel to reach the United States on the other side of the world, as only a few countries possess ICBM rockets able to travel around the world. The United States is purposely trying to hide Nuclear Energy from other countries so only they would get the benefits, and not everybody else. If this country is so powerful, it shouldn’t be afraid from the threat of other countries using nuclear weapons. The U.S. is technologically superior to them, yet the government is very afraid. There is no doubt that it is all but an excuse to go to war in the Middle East.
In 2004, the United States declared war on Iraq, as it was suspected by this country that the terrorists of 911 came from that place. After years of war, the United States killed thousands of civilians and murdered Saddam Hussein, and in the end left Iraq stating that “No Weapons of Mass Destruction were discovered”. I thought that the United States went to Iraq to defeat Al’Qaeda, not murder thousands and look for Weapons of Mass Destruction! So why did the U.S. go there? There are plenty of resources like Oil in Iraq, but the war has cost A LOT more than the income. Now to Afghanistan – the country that the United States helped when the Soviet Union attacked… Why Afghanistan? Resources!
It is absolutely true that the United States has the most military spending in the entire world, more than twice the amount of money is spend for the US Military than the second, China’s Military – which has to protect 1 billion more people than the United States. Why not put this money into good use, such as scientific research, rather than meaningless wars?

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