Creativity Going Down

March 10, 2011
By Anonymous

..."American creativity scores are falling." The reason why I think creativity is going down is because children are getting lazy. Children are focusing on technology too much. The way children are getting lazy is by focusing on video games and other stuff. For example the video game called Madden, you have to select a character instead of drawing it out. Technology makes everything easier which makes you not want to do things the hard way.

"The argument that we can't teach creativity because children already have too much to learn is a false trade off." When children are at school learning, they can't really show their creativity because teachers want them to do their work a certain way. For example you think you did amazing on your project and you tried your hardest with it but when your teacher looks at it you get a C because it's not how they wanted it. It's hard to turn in your work the way your teacher wants it when you have a creative way of doing it than your teacher. School doesn't really show how creative you are, it has nothing to do about how smart you are.

"When playing alone, highly creative first graders may act out strong negative emotions: they'll be angry, hostile, anguished." We should let children speak what's on their mind at school. I think we should let students draw and write about how they feel so creativity can show through them. What I think would be a great idea is every month the student's illustrate a picture that describes how they feel, make it creative and make it your own. I also think teachers shouldn't grade their illustration of creation because it's their mindset of it.

I understand why some technology was made. Some technology like CAT scans can save your life because doctor's can see what's going wrong in your body and they can treat it right away. I just think too much technology can make people lazy. I also understand where teachers are coming from when they give you a bad grade on your work because they want you to do it the proper way. I just think teachers should get where students are coming from when they grade the student's work. Teachers should understand that not all work is going to be like how they want it to be because everyone has a different idea for things.

The author's comments:
The thing that inspired me to do this article is that one of my teachers doesn't get what creative is, she just thinks it should be her way. I don't think school shows creativity.

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