Alive Once More

March 9, 2011
By shennat BRONZE, Taipei, Other
shennat BRONZE, Taipei, Other
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First kiss. First kiss that sent him blasting into the moon. First kiss that created firecrackers up into the night sky of his world. First kiss that created bliss into their hearts. First kiss that changed their lives for eternity. First kiss that even the “winged seraphs covet.” This love pumping in their blood beats faster and faster. As the lips touch, the cheeks blaze each other as if they were one. As sweet as a candy, as warm as a blanket, as tender as a new-born baby. Suddenly, everything became so silent, as if they were on center stage, duet of the concert. Concentrating on each other, time slowed down until the planets stopped orbiting, the stars stopped burning, the people stopped dancing, just them in the whole world. Endlessly through the night, the kiss caresses the universe with a new enlightenment, so secure, yet so fragile. The two souls glisten in the darkness, beaming strongly as if nothing could break their brightness that shimmered through twilight. That single night cools down fire of the north, warms up ice of the south, and brings peace to the war within. Starry lights glimmer in the sky like the shimmering illumination of a Christmas tree beside the chimney. Even darkness lays down for a rest as it felt the warmth of the soft lips. Like a mother embracing her newborn child, the kiss takes the coldness from the queen of death, bringing her a new life of tenderness and love. Spring takes over the white world of the winter, as sapphire rushes down the hill, as emerald blankets the shivering skin. That first kiss comforted the living dead, singing them a lullaby to sleep, cuddling them as they rested in peace. First kiss that brought good to the world, and absorbed the sin as it leaves. First kiss that gave long living harmony to the world. First kiss that turned reality upside down. First kiss that made everything possible, everything perfect in the right coordinate. First kiss that made the change. First kiss.

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