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A better fighter?

March 4, 2011
By Anonymous

The ninja, also called shinobi, was a mercenary in feudal Japan from the 15th century to the 18th. They specialized in spying, sabotage, infiltrating tactics, and assassination. They can defeat any other fighters, soldiers or warriors, specifically pirates. Ninjas, with their advanced weapons, stealth skill, and strict training are the best of all the other legendary fighters in pop culture today.

Ninjas were born into their profession. Traditions, skills, and secrets were passed down through the family and to younger generations. As a result, ninjas started training in childhood. They learned martial arts and discipline, like any other assailant. But, they also learned about explosives and poison, and techniques in scouting and survival. Their physical aspects of training were highly important, young ninjas spent grueling hours training their body to run long distances, climb impossible heights, swim, and stealth methods. Unlike pirates, who were trained later in their years once they joined a ship and crew. Many think that the pirate’s disorganization gave them a boost on their enemies. But when faced with the ninja’s potent skills and their adamant teamwork, can a pirate really win?

The katana was a fairly simple sword. It was a ninja’s most used weapon. They would hold it in a scabbard on their back. The katana was used for many things other than just fighting. For example, in the dark, ninjas could extend it from the scabbard and

have it act like a probing device, or they could stun their enemies by placing red pepper
dust in the sheath so once the katana was pulled out, the dust would fly to the target’s eye, blinding him. Ninjas had other weapons as well. These consisted of shuriken, bows, chains and sickles, hand-held bombs, grenades, poison gas, and whatever was around that could be used in battle. The fact that ninja weapons were close range, meant they had a high accuracy. Pirates mainly had muskets, pistols, and cannons. All of which took a lengthy time reloading, and they’re accuracy depended on the user’s ability. Ninjas were better equipped which is part of the reason, they are better fighters.

One advantage ninjas had over pirates was their stealth. Ninjas are one of the most wrongly pictured things. Many see them dressed in black, covered head to toe. But one of the things that made shinobi so stealthy was the fact that they blended by looking exactly like everyone else. Ninjas were a master of disguise. They dressed similar to priests, monks, entertainers, fortunate tellers, and merchants. A main role of the ninja was espionage, so they had to be stealthy. They were masters at sneaking around castles, climbing walls, blending in a crowd, and eaves dropping. Pirates, on the open sea, didn’t have the chance to be stealthy. They could be seen days before they caught up to the other ship. When pitted against each other, a team of ninja would sneak onto the ship, acting as if they are new crew, throw all the food overboard, and then make their escape.

Pirates may have guns and ships. But they lived in a more advanced time though. Even with their better technology, ninja were the best fighters. They used their katana swords, stealth, and their training more efficiently than the pirate. They could take down a pirate crew from the inside without having to fight all that much. This abilities and skills of the ninja make them to be the best legendary fighter.

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