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March 4, 2011
Not all people agree that steroids are good for you. They often argue all that all the symptoms and side effects overcome the benefits. But have you thought that maybe most professional athletes should use steroids? I believe they should. Doing so would increase their performance and show what the human body's potential is. To add to that, as a population that pays a lot to attend and watch athletes show their talent. Also, do not forget that some drugs have begun the process of becoming legal. For example, marijuana. It has some lethal side effects yet they want to make it legalized. Why can't we do the same for steroids?

As we all know the human body is very amazing and complex. Yes, we are extremely intellectual but why can't we have brawn too? One thing that I believe stands out is that if we weren't supposed to use steroids why is it that when humans do you use them we don't just simply die or suffer great circumstances for taking them. A little bit of background on steroids. Steroids are hormones that the body has naturally created anyways. Annabolic steroids are often used in Medicine to treat a wide variety of hormonal problems. Knowing the side effects and risks I think that the user should put it into their own hands on whether the risks balance out the benefits or not. With that said. Wouldn't it be nice to see what the body can do with steroids?

The pro sports industry is a thriving industry that makes plenty of money off of us and supplies ourselves with entertainment. Athletes make loads of money by showing off their skills, abilities, talent, and hard work. But how much has the athleticism and productivity of the athletes increased. Over the years, athletes have slowly increased the income that they receive. Yet have we seen better performance? Steroids could give us that boost in athleticism and performance that the public looks for.

As we all know there is a big controversy over legalizing Marijuana. This is a natural plant that is used for medicinal purposes. But just like steroids it has its downfalls too. At the same time it has its benefits. The differences are endless but the purposes for both are the same, to improve our life and make us a better species overall. I bet almost every student in America has most likely popped an Advil or Tylenol into their mouth. A study done by Brigham and Women's Hospital showed that high doses of Tylenol is associated with liver and kidney damage. It also showed that it doubles the risk for hypertension in women that took one extra-strength Tylenol compared to those who didn't. So if as a nation we take a minor pain reliever and have possible long term effects and are wanting to legalize Marijuana why not do the same for anabolic steroids?

To conclude, as I have been talking to you about this issue I hope you took another look at the advantages and disadvantages of steroids. Weigh what you know and decide.

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