Weapon of Mass Distraction

March 3, 2011
By Anonymous

Warning! This small mobile device has a history of distracting walkers, drivers, shoppers, students, and everyone around them. Side effects may include loss of voice, sore thumbs, spilt food, crashes, and the loss of the ability to notice things around you. If you choose to use one of these devices, you will annoy a good percentage of the general public with the details of your private life as you go about your daily activities.
People think they can do anything and everything while using their cell phone. People need to realize that they cannot and should not try to do most things while yakking away mindlessly. Yes, some may be very proficient at multitasking, but most people resemble a person with childlike coordination in an adult body. Since when did cell phones become so important anyway? What in the world did people do before cell phones were invented? Perhaps they were able to walk through a store without getting in anyone’s way, and reconnect with the world by talking to people rather than running into them and then texting them later.

We probably have all been in a conversation with someone who was texting or talking on their cell phones at the same time.
How often have you been in the middle of a conversation with someone when the person you are talking to all of the sudden says, “Hey, how are you?” They then go ahead and start a conversation with someone else on their phone, leaving you standing there feeling like dirt. Some people just don’t realize how annoying something seemingly harmless can be. That or they are just inconsiderate. Would it be so hard to call someone back or respond to a text ten minutes later?
Imagine what the world would be like if school teachers were on their cell phones while they were teaching. It would take 12 grades just to get through basic elementary principles, and the only skill children would have is the cell phone. Sure cell phones are a great tool, and they can make our lives easier and less complicated, but can is the key word.
It seems to me that cell phones are doing the exact opposite of what they are supposed to. How many of our lives have cell phones actually improved in a completely positive way? I would guess that it is a small percentage.
Cell phones are great, but I think we can all work on becoming more open to the world around us instead of the world inside our cell phones. Our cell phones should not become the center of the universe. Our lives should not revolve around our little mobile devices. So, let’s all win this battle for freedom from our cell phones and ourselves.
“I’m sorry I didn’t quite catch that last part.”

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