Ooey Gooey

March 3, 2011
By Anonymous

If there are any Facebook fans out there, let’s not pretend that the constant Facebook updates about how much those ooey gooey heart warmers love their boyfriend/girlfriend isn’t annoying! These love posters might as well hang a big sign over their foreheads saying, “taken”. I mean, who wants to know that your partner is “amazing from head to toe”? Not many!

Ooey gooey Facebook updates like, “my baby is the peanut butter to my pb&j sandwich” make us single hoppers sick! First off, why are these love posters relating someone they supposedly love, to a peanut butter and jam sandwich? If this partner of these ooey gooey updaters means that much to them, can’t they relate him/her to something a little more charming? Second off, Newsfeed isn’t meant for sharing to the world what this believed love means during our teenage years! Nor is it meant for sharing ooey gooey love status’s to everyone who is getting very annoyed of it! And lastly, people, what if your relatives saw this? Would they be happy to read that these ooey gooey updaters have fallen head over heals for this peanut butter sandwich?

Single hoppers do understand that relationships can be taken very seriously during the teenage years! But do we really need to know how much love heart warmers have for one another? In fact, wouldn’t it be better if heart warmers just kept it between themselves in a private message! That’s why Facebook made “messages” and “chats”, for private conversations! Nor do single hoppers enjoy logging onto our Facebooks to get attacked with ooey gooey “I love him with all my heart and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him” all over our Newsfeed! Is this type of behavior even healthy? We think not!

This behavior is showing a sense of insecurity! If heart warmers were secure about their love for one another, they wouldn’t be posting it for everyone to read and feed off of. That’s great that you’re in love, truly society is happy for ooey gooey updaters! But to some sensitive single hoppers, it’s like a slap in the face saying, “you’re single and don’t know how I feel!” And don’t get me wrong, this type of behavior will soon lead to the “break up” status’s, and let me tell you, no one enjoys those!

So to all you ooey gooey Facebook updaters, peanut butter sandwiches will get heart warmers in trouble with their parents. Also, getting attacked with Ooey Gooey updates is not charming or exciting. Lastly, this type of behavior is not healthy! Please, do us single hoppers a favor and use those “messages” and “chats” of yours to display this ooey gooey-ness!

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