Failure or Success

March 3, 2011
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Failure and success are probably two of the most influential words in the English language. We hear them, live by them, and in a way compete because of them.
As Americans we have many rights and privileges that many people do not.
One of these privileges is free education that is vital to our success in the future.
Yet many students don’t take advantage of that. Rather than trying our hardest to succeed we brush it off, ignore it, and end up failing. In other words we are lazy slackers who will never abound to anything. As long as you do your homework, even if it’s done poorly, it’s better than nothing. We should at least try our best, but we don’t because we are slackers who don’t appreciate anything. We need to stop just going to school because we have to or because our parents make us. This is an unacceptable behavior that we need to over come. Schooling is difficult but that’s because it’s preparing us for a future of success rather than failure. I mean its not like we want to live on the streets, or with our parents till were forty.
It is possible for everyone to succeed its just up to us to work for it. I know that we think it’s impossible but I have a friend who got Fs and Ds last year and now he is getting As and Bs. That proves to me that it’s possible to go from failure to success. I don’t understand why we don’t even try when with a little effort we will excel.
It may be hard to get good grades because of unexpected things happening in our lives, but if you just push through and get it done it will be so worth it in the end. If you can’t then ask a teacher because most of them will gladly help you. If we as students worked hard we could get good grades and be successful.

Education is key to our future success in this new modern world. With it you will earn more money and live a happier life. All we need to do is work hard and take advantage of our free education. Then out opportunities will be boundless, and we can change the country, and even perhaps the world into a better place for all of us to live and enjoy.

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