The "Crusty-Breath Curse"

March 3, 2011
“Hey, how are you?” The “minties” cringe every time the “h’s” exhale over their faces. We try not to wrinkle our noses but it is impossible when we have the cursed’s moist, sticky breath blowing into our faces. This is known as the “crusty-breath curse”. It’s around teens every day and the “freshies” have no defense against it. What do we do, “Hey friend, uh… could you maybe not stand within a five foot radius of me…”, “Hey, um, you want some gum?” This is a difficult situation, especially when it’s almost impossible not to show our distaste for the cursed breath in our minty faces.

People have five senses and bad breath has got to alarm at least three of them. It seems impossible for the cursed not to smell their own breath, they have to taste it too, and at times it burns their victim’s eyes as well. Mouthwash in the morning, minty-fresh breath strips in our toothpaste, eye-watering strong gum, breath spray, breath mints, even a cool-glass of water helps. It seems like the cursed have got to make a conscious effort to avoid these things because there are so many solutions.

I was in my class the other day when I called my teacher over to help me. She had definitely been hit with the “crusty-breath curse”. I had to hold my breath to keep from gagging. When she left I realized I had not paid any attention at all to what I needed help with because I was so focused on her bad breath. This curse is keeping us from concentrating and affecting our everyday lives!

This is also a matter of consideration. Is it not really uncomfortable to talk to someone who is just reeking of everything they have put near their mouth in the last 24 hours? Besides that, it is very difficult to concentrate on what the two of you are trying to talk about when they’ve got this lingering scent radiating from them. Why are people choosing not to take control over the “crusty-breath curse”? It’s as easy as taking two minutes a day just to brush our teeth. Let’s all be more considerate to those around us and our own reputations and fight this “crusty-breath curse”. An apple a day keeps the curse away!

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