Block The Walk

March 3, 2011
By Anonymous

Yes, they are everywhere. People in our society who block the walk causing unwanted stress in hall ways all over the nation. People who block the walk are those who walk in front of you in the hallway and suddenly stop to talk to a friend, or take a phone call, talking no consideration of others around them therefore creating a block in the hallway that passers can not get around.

One time I was walking to class and right as I stepped of the stair case I ran into a whole group of people just talking and making it difficult for everyone to get around them therefore causing me to be late to my class. Has this ever happened to you?

People who block the walk are an example of the lack of common courtesy in our society. Not only in schools, but also in buildings all over America. Last weekend I was at a cheer leading national competition and I almost got to the point of pushing because people would stand right in the doorway to watch the performances instead of just taking three extra steps and sitting down (grrr).

Blocking the walk is not a trend. People who do block the walk are just rude and put unwanted stress on others who need to get somewhere and do not want to push and shove their way threw. Our society needs to learn some manners. When you watch a movie from the good ol’ days do you see people ripping out their hair because they can’t get to wherever it is they may be going because people forgot to consider those around them? No, because back then we had manners but those have been lost threw out the years. Please next time some one calls you or a friend needs to talk to you, step aside so that people can get around you and prove to society that we are just as good as the last if not better.

The author's comments:
I wrote this to inform people of the rudeness being shown in society by blocking hallways.

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